Research project with Romania? EEA/ Norway grants call for proposals is open!

EEA/Norway grants call for research with Romania is open now. If you are considering research activities with partners from Romania it is the right time to apply. The amount of 16.312.500 EUR is available under this call.

Amount per project ranges from 500.000 EUR to 1.500.000 EUR. Project duration can be up to 48 months.

Deadline for application is 1 October 2018.

The purpose of the call is to provide funding through collaborative research projects that aim to enhance research-based knowledge development in Romania. The programme will fund research projects in following thematic areas:
- Energy,
- Environment,
- Health,
- Social sciences and humanities, including gender studies and social inclusion studies,
- ICT,
- Biotechnology.

In addition, 70.000 EUR is available for mobility grants which can be used for preparation of the proposals and establishment of partnerships.

For detailed information about the call visit UEFISCDI website. UEFISDI is administering the call in Romania.

The information is also available on the EEA/Norway grants website.  

To increase your visibility and find partners, please use the Partner Search Database for EEA and Norway Grants established by the Research Council of Norway.

Contact person at UiS is Vilija Duleviciute (

Sist oppdatert av Vilija Duleviciute (23.08.2018)

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Kyrre Aas
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Vilija Duleviciute
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Kristin Aaser Lunde
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Per Ramvi

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Robert Radu
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Lene Myhren
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