MSCA Innovative Training Networks 2019 call is open now

MSCA Innovative Training Networks (ITN) support high quality joint research and doctoral training provided by international networks that bring together universities, research centres and non-academic institutions (companies, NGOs, etc.) accross Europe and beyond. They give a possibility to involve most prospective PhD candidates into your teams.

MSCA ITNs can be implemented in three forms: European Training Networks (ETN), European Industrial Doctorates (EID), and European Joint Doctorates (EJD).

Read more about the benefits and requirements of the MSCA ITNs in the leaflet.

The deadline for applications is 15 January, 2019. The available budget is €470 million.

The call text and documents are on the Participant Portal (including Guide for Applicants).

For support and information available to you at UiS, please contact EU advisors:

Kyrre Ås, tel.: 51 83 30 36

Katrine Lim, tel.: 51 83 19 25

Vilija Duleviciute, tel.: 51 83 25 85


UiS ITN projects:

RUNIN-The Role of Universities in Innovation and Regional Development

ENSYSTRA-Energy Systems in Transition

Sist oppdatert av Vilija Duleviciute (14.09.2018)

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Forsknings- og Innovasjonsavdelingen

Troels Gyde Jacobsen
Telefon: 51 83 30 63

Bitten Lunde
Telefon:51 83 27 63

Seniorrådgiver EU:
Kyrre Aas
Telefon: 51 83 30 36

Rådgiver EU:
Vilija Duleviciute
Telefon: 51 83 25 85

Rådgiver EU:
Karelle Ingrid Gilbert-Soni (permisjon)
Telefon: 51 83 42 97

Rådgiver EU økonomi:
Katrine Peck Sze Lim
Telefon: 51 83 19 25

Rådgiver NFR:
Kristin Aaser Lunde
Telefon: 51 83 18 43

Michael Brune
Telefon: 51 83 30 55

Spesialrådgiver innovasjon:
Per Ramvi

Rådgiver forskerutdanning:
Robert Radu
Telefon: 51 83 24 44

Rådgiver forskerutdanning:
Lene Myhren
Telefon: 51 83 25 02



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