Support from EU R&D Unit (FIA)

EU R&D Unit (FIA) advisors provide information and consultations at all stages of project application and implementation process:

You can also use the following guides, information resources and support:

  • “EU research project preparation and accession flow” scheme highlights the main stages and responsibilities in the proposal preparation and implementation process at UiS.
  • The “Guide how to find info on the Participant Portal” explains how to find Work Programmes and Calls for Proposals on the Participant Portal.
  • UiS Prosjekthåndbok (in Norwegian) outlines UiS internal procedure for project application, management and reporting for any type of the project, including H2020 projects.
  • Courses and seminars dedicated to project development and implementation are offered both by UiS and external institutions. For the courses and events organized at UiS, please follow the information on the EU R&D Unit (FIA) webpage on

We also recommend to check the courses offered by the Research Council of Norway (RCN).

Other useful information:

For more information, please contact external financing advisors at EU R&D Unit (FIA).

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