PES. Support for writing your Horizon 2020 proposal

The Research Council of Norway (RCN) provides support to encourage increased Norwegian participation in European research cooperation. Project establishment support (PES) may be used to prepare grant/project proposals directed towards different EU programmes.

EU R&D Unit (FIA) administrates PES funds from the RCN that can be used at the University of Stavanger.

PES is the financial support system established by RCN with the aim to relieve financial cost of project preparation for the H2020. Through support for partner search, participation in relevant meetings and events, consultation, frikjøp and other relevant activities RCN aims to make the application process easier, to help ensure the quality of the proposals and to increase participation. 

As it is the rule for higher education institutions, UiS applies for PES2020 support each year and subsequently allocates the budget according to the needs of the UiS applicants. 

The amount available for specific project varies according to the type and scope of the project. To discuss the amount available to you please contact advisors at the EU R&D Unit (FIA) (contact details below).

PES covers:

  • Frikjøp - payroll compensation for personnel
  • Travel costs
  • External support and advise services
  • Organisation of relevant H2020 courses, and other relevant measures specified in the application
  • Temporary external help in EU project application.

Support for positioning (POS)

Under PES system RCN provides support for positioning activities. Positioning activities may refer to:

  • Establishing relationship with the leading European networks (networking activities)
  • Covering institution’s contribution
  • Participation in activties aimed at establishing European research and innovation agenda (strategic work)
  • Short-term positioning for entering the existing consortiums

PES may be used to prepare grant/project proposals directed toward:

For detailed information about PES and the application process please contact advisors at the EU R&D Unit (FIA):

Kyrre Aas Senior advisor for external financing, EU, Tlf.: 51 83 30 36.

Katrine Peck Sze Lim Advisor for external financing, EU, Tlf.: 51 83 19 25.

Vilija Duleviciute Advisor for external financing, EU, Tlf.: 51 83 25 85.


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