• Mobility grants for postdocs and associate professors in temporary positions at UiS

    (23.08.2018) UiS strengthens international research collaboration and artistic research through mobility grants for postdocs and associate professors in temporary positions at UiS. The purpose of the grant is to strengthen the grantee's international network in research or artistic development, as well as contribute to better international visibility through international research visits and co-publishing. There is also an opportunity to strengthen cross-sectoral cooperation. NOK 600,000 has been earmarked centrally for the scheme.

  • helse vest logo

    FUNDING! Helse Vest forskingsmidlar

    (20.08.2018) Helse Vest sine forskingsmidlar skal medverke til å sikre forskingsaktivitet i helseføretaka i regionen. Fristen for å søkje midlane er 15. september 2018.

  • MSCA ITN 4.9

    Want to recruit PhD candidates? MSCA Innovative Training Network is an option!

    (09.08.2018) MSCA INT Infoday is held at UiS on September 4th. If you want to recruit talented PhD students into your research team, establish international and intersectoral cooperation, conduct high quality research and work on the doctoral training, this is an option for you!

  • Forskning digitalisering utdanning

    Forskning, digitalisering og utdanning ved UiS. Hold av datoen!

    (29.06.2018) 29. august arrangerer FIA en workshop i samarbeid med UH: "Forskning på digitalisering og utdanning. Workshop i prosjektutvikling".

  • nfr logo

    FUNDING! Deadline in September for research projects and knowledge-building projects

    (24.06.2018) The Research Council of Norway (RCN) is calling for projects within many thematic areas, with deadline 12.09.18. Don’t wait until after summer, start planning your proposal today!

  • Folk på kurs

    WORKSHOP: Understand the review process - Learn to think like a grant proposal evaluator

    (24.06.2018) The competition for funding from national and international research councils is increasingly tough, and only the very best grant proposals succeed. Through your grant proposal you want to engage and win the good will of the review panel from the very first sentence, but to achieve that you need to understand how reviewers think and work. This workshop will not only teach you the details of the enigmatic grant review process, but you will also get your hands wet and experience for yourself what it is like to review grants.

  • nfr logo

    FUNDING! 1.2 billion NOK available for innovation projects

    (29.05.2018) Are you a researcher with an innovation project involving industry partners and / or public sector? Then your project can be eligible for innovation funding from The Research Council of Norway (RCN). This fall, more than 1 billion NOK is earmarked innovative industry projects, while 125 million NOK is earmarked innovative public sector projects.

  • salat i petriskål

    90 MNOK for research on agriculture and the food industry. Mandatory outline deadline May 2nd 2018

    (27.04.2018) The Research council of Norway (RCN) is calling for research proposals that aim to develop new knowledge for the agricultural and food sector and generate benefits for users in the short and long term. A mandatory outline must be submitted to the call MATFONDAVTALE by May 2nd to be permitted to apply for this grant by September 12th 2018.

  • fabrikk i åker

    100 mnok to research on bioeconomy (BIOØKONOMI). Mandatory outline deadline May 2nd 2018

    (27.04.2018) Funding is available for bioeconomy research through the call BIOØKONOMI from the Research council of Norway (RCN). A mandatory outline must be submitted by May 2nd to be permitted to apply September 12th 2018.

  • EØS-midlene infoday

    Mye midler fra EØS-fondene - grip muligheten!

    (06.04.2018) Internasjonalt kontor og EU enheten arrangerer en infoday om EØS-midlene 3. mai. Representanter fra NFR, SIU og Innovasjon Norge vil presentere muligheter for fagmiljøer ved UiS til å delta i utdannings- og forskningsprosjekter.

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