Towards a successful relationship – Register for the Annual PhD candidates’ and supervisors’ seminar at UiS, April 18, 2018.

All PhD candidates and supervisors related to UiS are invited to our annual seminar on doctoral supervision, 18th of April 2018 at Scandic Forum Hotel. This year we will focus on roles, expectations and good conduct in the relationship between the PhD candidate and the supervisor.

The success of a PhD usually stands and falls by the quality of supervision and the effectiveness of the relationship between the candidate and his or her supervisor(s). This relationship can be both very rewarding, but at times also challenging. Therefore, it is crucial to early discuss mutual expectations and each part’s responsibilities.. A successful relationship and hence a fruitful and productive period as a PhD can only become reality when both candidate and supervisor(s) are equally engaged in make it happen.   

The aim of this year’s seminar is to highlight the importance of building a good relationship between the PhD candidate and the supervisor(s). The seminar will address different topics such as: The power balance in the academic relationship. The supervisors’ role. How the supervisor and candidate can come to mutual expectations and what the candidate emphasize as being important in order to build and maintain a good relationship.


Towards a successful relationship – roles, expectations and good conduct



09:00-09:05    Welcome
Troels G. Jacobsen, Research Director, University of Stavanger

09:05-09:45    Power in the academic relationship between supervisor and ph.d.-candidate
Anders Breidlid, Professor, OsloMet - Oslo Metropolitan University

09:45–10:30  The PhD process: can we possibly meet everyone’s expectations?
Anne Lee, Associate Professor, University of Stavanger

10:30-10:45    Coffee break

10:45-11:30    Master, mentor, supervisor – what is our role?
Trude Furunes, Associate Professor, University of Stavanger


11:30-11:50    What is key to a successful relationship, seen from a PhD candidate’s perspective? 

Laura Sætveit Miles, Akademiet for yngre forskere


11:50-12:05    Coffee break

12:05-13:00    Panel debate: Conclusions from today’s seminar – How can we secure a good relationship? 

  • Anne Lee, Associate Professor, University of Stavanger (chair)

  • Laura Sætveit Miles, Associate Professor, University of Bergen / Akademiet for yngre forskere

  • Trude Furunes, Associate Professor, University of Stavanger

  • Håvard Hansen, Professor and Vice-Dean of Research, UiS

  • Christian Kuran, PhD candidate, Board Member of UISDC

13:00               Lunch (Scandic Forum)


The Department of Research and Innovation welcome all PhD candidates and supervisors related to UiS to join us for a fruitful day and discussion. Lunch will be served after the seminar and is free of charge for all participants.

You can register here. We practice first come, first serve. The deadline is 6th of April and the registration is binding.


Where: Scandic Forum. Click here to get more information on the venue.

When: 18th of April, 9:00 - 14:00 (inculding lunch)

Fee: The seminar is free of charge to all UiS' candidates and supervisors

No. of participants: 100

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