ECIU Staff Mobility Programme 2017

The aim of ECIU Staff Mobility Programme is to increase the mobility among administrative members of staff. The programme provides opportunities for support staff to spend time at other ECIU institutions through a programme tailor-made to individual staff member’s development needs.

The aim of the programme is to give administrative staff the possibility to:

  • acquire knowledge or specific know-how from experience and good practice abroad as well as practical skills relevant to their current job and their professional development
  • learn how to work in a different national context in terms of culture, rules and regulations broaden professional perspec- tive on own work, competence and organisation
  • build up a professional network of colleagues in other ECIU universities for the benefit of the each individual as well as ECIU as a whole
  • develop intercultural skills and communication and improve foreign language proficiency

The duration of exchange can be from only a few days (5 days as a minimum) to a longer period of time, decided by the two parties involved.

It is a general rule that the home institution pays for travel, accommodation and the exchanged person’s salary during the visit. However, the accommodation cost can be paid by host institution if funding is available or if it is of strategic importance.

If you are interested in developing your professional skills through ECIU Staff Mobility Programme at one of the ECIU partner universities and have had approved by your leader, please fill out this online form. Send the form to the local ECIU local coordinator, Bjarte Hoem, with your CV attached.


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The ECIU is a consortium of research universities established in 1997. Today the foundation has eleven European members and a associate partner in Mexico. The University of Stavanger became a member of the consortium in 2012.

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