Göteborgs Universitet: Global Week 2013

The University of Gothenburg is pleased to announce that our Global Week will be held from November 11th -15th , 2013.

Global Week is an event designed to create an informative, stimulating and developing week for students, staff and visitors from our partner universities.

During Global Week the University of Gothenburg organizes a Staff Training Programme for teachers and/or administrative staff. The programme is filled with interesting seminars, panel debates, workshops, individual study visits and social activities – a unique opportunity for you to network with colleagues from around the world!

The programme for the Staff Training week will be adjusted to the interests and profiles of the participants. Please specify in your application your function at your home university and your area of interest. We will do our best to match it with relevant study visits. We can welcome a maximum of 30 trainers from our partner universities.

A draft programme will be available on the website shortly. You can find more information about the application, the programme from last year etc. at http://www.globalweek.gu.se/staff-exchange/

Registration deadline is September 20 th, 2013.

We hope to see you in Gothenburg in November,

the International Centre at the University of Gothenburg

Sist oppdatert av Trym Holbek (24.06.2013)

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