Swine flu information in English

The University of Stavanger is making a big effort to keep everyone, especially students, informed about the pandemic swine influenza.

What do you do if the swine flu hits you? And, maybe more importantly, how do you avoid catching it in the first place? In connection with the start of the academic year, the UiS staff are these days putting up posters, making information flyers available and publishing stories its website to keep everyone updated on the situation.

All relevant information is continually being published at  www.uis.no/pandemi.

If you haven't seen it around campus already, you can download the English-language poster here (pdf, 480 kB).

The information flyer for students is also available for download.

Another useful link is the Norwegian Health Authority information website about pandemic influenza, pandemi.no, whic also has an English language option.

Sist oppdatert av Ragnhild Scheen (12.01.2010)

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Pandemiplan for UiS

UiS har en egen pandemiplan for UiS. Den kan du laste ned her (pdf, 93 kb).