Other funding opportunities

In addition to H2020 and EEA/ Norway Grants there are many other possibilities for financing your research. Please check the list below. The list is not exclusive.

Cooperation and funding opportunities in and outside Europe based on international cooperation established by The Research Council of Norway (ERA-NET, JPIs, Nordic cooperation, Cooperation with USA and Canada, and others).

Funding opportunities for research by the European Commission as listed on the Participant Portal.

COST – establishment of a new interdisciplinary research network in Europe and beyond.

Partnerships with Industry and Member States supported by the European Commission (Joint Technology Initiatives (JTIs), Active and Assisted Living Research and Development Programme, Eurostars 2, and others).

Please take contact with UiS advisors for external financing for more information:

Kyrre Aas Senior advisor for external financing, EU kyrre.aas@uis.no, Tlf.: 51 83 30 36.

Katrine Peck Sze Lim Advisor for external financing, EU katrine.p.lim@uis.no, Tlf.: 51 83 19 25.

Vilija Duleviciute Advisor for external financing, EU vilija.duleviciute@uis.no, Tlf.: 51 83 25 85.

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