University of the West of Scotland International Week 2017, 27-30 March

University of the West of Scotland is hosting an international week for colleagues from partner institutions within the framework of Erasmus + on its Paisley campus, from Monday 27th March to Thursday 30th March 2017.

This year, UWS invite both academic and non-academic colleagues to the University and will structure the week, specifically the tailored delegate sessions, around your particular specialism. 

For example, if you are an engineering academic then School of Engineering and Computing will host you in order to develop our partnership within that discipline. A non-academic colleague will, likewise, be matched to the relevant department of UWS to share knowledge. In addition, the programme will have workshop sessions on key topical issues, such as mobility, international student recruitment and Trans National Education. All delegates will come together for social events.

On Tuesday 28th March, UWS is hosting an open international engagement session for its students and would like you to participate by informally promoting your institution, country, language and culture. 

The itinery can be found here.

There are no participation fees for the International Week. But participants will be asked to finance their own travel, accommodation and expenses through the Erasmus programme.  

Those who are interested in attending should complete the International Week application form and return it to Marie Martin, International Centre Co-ordinator, University of the West of Scotland.

Deadline: Friday 27th January 2017


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