Linnaeus University International Staff Training Week, 6th-10th 2016

Linnaeus University is hosting the 4th International Staff Training Week in the cities of Kalmar and Växjö, Sweden. The focus of the week will be on Intercultural Communication (ICC) and the Global Classroom.

The programme will offer academic and administrative staff an opportunity to practically    and theoretically discuss and exercise intercultural communication.

  • Theme: Intercultural  Communication  (ICC)  and  the  Global Classroom
  • Place: Kalmar/Växjö,  Sweden
  • Date: June  6th-­‐10th,  2016

The overall objective of the activities during the Staff Training Week is to provide the participants with an opportunity to learn about and discuss key concepts related to intercultural communication and to develop practical skills for cultural intelligence. Furthermore, it aims to raise the participants’ levels of awareness and insight with regard to various issues of intercultural encounters, e.g. in the global classroom. The week will also give the participants opportunities for networking and for learning more about Linnaeus University.

Preliminary Programme and Application Form is available here.

Application deadline: March 10th, 2016

Contact: Ariana Carvalho and Lena Kulmala, Office of External Relations (

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