International Week 2016 at University of the West of Scotland

University of the West of Scotland (UWS) will be hosting an International Week for both academic and non-academic staff from partner institutions within the framework of Erasmus +. The programme is scheduled from Monday 25th April to Thursday 28th April 2015.

UWS are delighted to invite both academic and non-academic staff from partner institutions to the University for International Week 2016 . 

Key themes: International student recruitment, Trans National Education, Student mobility, International research, Student experience

Whilst key staff at UWS will lead these workshops, UWS would be delighted if any delegate wished to do a presentation on any aspect of the topic e.g. their University’s experience in that area.

This year, the International Week coincides with our Research Student Conference and it will be an opportunity for delegates to view the student’s research activity and attend any lectures that may be of interest.           

Participants will be asked to finance their own travel, accommodation and expenses through the Erasmus programme and advice on hotels in the area can be offered. There are no participation fees for the International Week.

Please find more information about the programme here (PDF).

Application deadline: Friday 26th February 2016

Application: Please send completed application form (PDF) to

Contact: Victoria Arkwell, International Centre Co-ordinator, University of the West of Scotland

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