Are you applying Research council of Norway in 2016?

This spring several courses and workshops will be held at UiS to support you in the process. The courses are designed to be complementary, and should give a broad understanding of what characterize a good application, how applications are evaluated and what expectations the Research Council has.

All courses will be held in english.

The main theme throughout the program will be: “What characterize a good application?”

Four courses/workshops will be held this spring:

  1. 5. February - "The perfect application": In the first part we will  work through the main parts of the research council’s project description template and assessment criteria, as well as the specifics of "Young research talents" and "research project". We will look at examples of already evaluated UiS proposals.
  2. 7-8 March - Mock Review: This course is designed to help scientists to write better research proposals by developing their understanding of peer review and what funding organizations expect from a good proposal. Core to the course, is a ‘mock’ peer review panel, in which participants will play the role of reviewers. They will evaluate real proposals and “decide” which to recommend for funding. Peter Dukes from the British medical research council has many years' experience in grant writing, peer review and managing research funding boards. You will also have the opportunity to have your proposal draft reviewed! Detailed program.
  3. 14. April - Critical feedback: Finally, at the 14. April participants will have the opportunity to present their project proposal for an expert panel of experienced researchers with extended knowledge on the research council. Candidates will have 5-10 minutes to present your project, and then the panel will give feedback and ask questions to the presentation. You can attend as either presenter or observer.
  4. 26. april og 4. mai - Q&A and individual feedback on proposal. Question and answer (Q&A)- and frequently asked question (FAQ) session. You can also book time for individual feedback on your proposal. Read more here.

See details of the different parts of the program here.

You can sign up for an individual course/workshop or apply to participate in all parts of the program. The workshops have limited capasity and candidates have an application planned for 2016 will be prioritized. Some spots are also designated participants of the UiS' "application program for young research talents". Deadline for registering for part 1 (5. Feb) and/or part 2 (7-8. March) is 1. Feburary. You will confirmation of participation.

Sign up for single course/workshop here.



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