IRO Valencia is a five-day international training and coaching event that aims to improve the key professional skills of Int. Officers from ETSIAMN Partner Institutions. Upon completing the course, participants will have strengthened their planning, leadership, management, team-building and decision-making skills, and increased their competence in University International Relations, both at institutional and personal level.

Theme: Human-based International Relations

Target group: International officers and international coordinators

Date: 7th – 11th March 2016

Please find more information regarding the programme here.

Registration fee: Fees: 350 € per person, including work materials, welcome paella meal, guided visit on the UPV campus, and farewell lunch.

Partcipants are expected to obtain Erasmus+ mobility grants from their home institutions to cover the travel, living and acommodation expenses related to their participation in the event.

Contact: Claudio Benavent (cbenavent@upvnet.upv.es), International Officer ETSIAMN

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Universitat Politecnica de Valencia
Erasmus+ utveksling

Utvekslingsuker for ansatte kan støttes med Erasmus+ stipend. Kontakt Tore Klepsvik i Utdanningsavdelingen for informasjon om ordningen.