UiS KeNoMo welcomes cooperation with Kenya

KeNoMo stands for Kenya-Norway Mobility Programme for Computer Science Education. This 5-year NORPART project is coordinated by Professor Chunming Rong, leader of the Center for IP-based Service Innovation at UiS (CIPSI).


Kenya has the second largest population in East Africa. It also has young, ambitious students eager to contribute to the development of the country. Last week the project representatives visited Kenya and discussed details concerning future cooperation with 2 universities in Nairobi (KCA University and University of Nairobi) and IBM Research Africa. UiS met also prospective MSc and PhD students who wanted to get acquainted with UiS and Norway.

KeNoMo project was also presented to the Royal Norwegian Embassy where the plans for student mobility between institutions were met with big enthusiasm. From left to right on the photo stand: Russel Wolf and Monika Hermanns (UiS), Dr Aminah Zawedde-Baale (KCA and UoN), Minister Counsellor Vebjørn Heines, Prof. Ddembe Williams (KCA and UoN), Ambassador Victor Conrad Rønneberg, Dr Kevit Desai (LIWA Linking Industry with Academia Programme Trust), Prof. Chunming Rong and Magdalena Brekke (UiS).

Sist oppdatert av Magdalena Brekke (20.02.2017)

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Visit at the Royal Norwegian Embassy in Nairobi
Visit at the Royal Norwegian Embassy in Nairobi
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