Familiy Sunday at Museum of Archaeology

Museum of Archaeology invites all UiS employees and their families to a free family day on Sunday, December 10th. Join the tour "Yule before Jesus", make spice bags at the christmas workshop and eat "julegrøt" in our café.

Museum of Archaeology invites you and your family to a tour about the ancient christmas through archaeological finds, and tell you about the way vikings celebrated christmas in the long house. The darkest time of the year has been an important time for celebration and sacrifice, for rituals, mysticism and faith throughout the ages. We still find traces of this in our celebration of the Norwegian christmas.

Join the tour "Yule before Jesus" with one of our hosts and learn about the roots of the celebration .

The english tour begins at 12.30.

We also have a christmas workshop from 13 to 15, and this Sunday we make spice bags.
During the Middle Ages many spices came to Norway, and monasteries cultivated much of this. Some spices could have healing powers against diseases and witches, while today the ingredients are found on  pizza. Around christmas, many good spices are used in "gløgg" and christmas baking. Come and make your own little spice bag and take it home for christmas.

There will be sale of rice porridge in the cafe, and in the museum shop you will find nice christmas presents.

Everyone who is employed at UiS will receive a free entrance to the Museum of Archaeology for themselves and their families on Sunday December 10th.
We welcome you on Sunday, and we will try to give you some christmas spirit. 

Sist oppdatert av Ragnhild Nordahl Næss (05.12.2017)

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Bilde av julegrøt.
UiS-family day on Sunday, December 10th at Museum of Archaeology.