Schnittke: Sonata for cello and piano

Wednesday 15 June 19.30 - Spor 5 The Project goal is to reveal human experiences any person can be challenged by in his or her relations with society and himself/herself. This will identify the idea of Schnittke's Sonata for cello and piano, which we will perform with the involvement of choreography and video art.

The main character meant to serve the idea of this Project is a newborn person coming into light with her unmanifested thoughts or desires. Gradually, she starts to formulate things in her developing mind. She forgets what she has been experiencing in her beginning when she opens her eyes to the world. That is when the challenges begin. While growing, she struggles with her life, trying to find answers to questions that arise in her life. She seems to reveal herself in two persons. One is an observer, the other one is a performer. All the conflicts she go through and life-death experiences she gain help her to cope with the challenges and she manages to arrive back to the beginning – zero point where she first started from. Once she arrives there, the observer and performer get to be one again and she seems to have learnt lessons to be employed into her second trial of how to deal with the tasks of life. But, this time she does all the things consciously.

Performing the piece in question, we wish to examine the contrasts of human mind with its pure and natural-hearted origins colliding with what surrounds it from outside world offering its own cultural game which human mind needs to adapt to this game’s rules. We find it interesting  that being born pure and honest - in this sense without any prejudices or agendas – all humans gradually need to develop a "cultural brain”.

Wednesday 15 June 19.30 - Spor 5

Sist oppdatert av Benedicte Pentz (13.06.2016)

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