Hvordan arkeologi kan redde planeten

3. november klokka 12:15 blir det forskningsseminar med arkeolog Erika Guttman-Bond frå University of Wales på Arkeologisk museum. Tittelen på foredraget er er Sustainability out of the Past: how Archaeology can Save the Planet.


Much has been written about the ecological failures of the past, including instances in which people catastrophically destroyed the environment on which they depended. By contrast, my focus is on the successes of past environmental management, and in sustainable agriculture in particular.
My interest is also in the practical application of ‘intermediate technology’, which is defined as simple, low cost technology which relies on local materials and is not reliant on fossil fuels. There is now broad agreement among many governments, non-government organisations, engineers and agronomists, as well as the United Nations, that intermediate technologies are often the most appropriate way forward in developing countries.
I am not advocating a wholesale return to past technologies, nor am I suggesting the adoption of early technology in place of modern engineering and agriculture. What I am suggesting is that we combine some aspects of early technology with new systems and inventions, to create a healthier, more sustainable and environmentally richer planet. 


Sist oppdatert av Ragnhild Nordahl Næss (28.10.2015)

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