Forum for forskning 12. mai: Increasing the fluency and communicative power of your academic texts

Writing in a foreign language always brings the writer face to face with deep seated remnants of their native language within themselves - remnants which significantly undermine the fluency and communicative power of text. Becoming aware of these remnants gives academics a powerful tool that can help them make sure that their texts have the greatest impact possible when published.

Alasdair Graham-Brown is a specialist copy editor of academic texts. He has been working with Scandinavian languages for more than 15 years and in that time developed a unique approach to the copy editing of English academic texts written by Norwegian academics.

In his presentation he will be showing you some of the simple changes he makes to the English texts he works with, which can dramatically improve their fluency and communication power and which you will also be able to incorporate into your own writing. Put in his own words: “My experience is that fluency and communication power are not hampered by poor grammar or vocabulary, but by remnants of the author's native language appearing in their English texts. The points where these remnants appear are the points where language structure becomes convoluted and the even flow of ideas and thinking from the writer to the reader are lost. I will be showing you some common Norwegian language structures that frequently appear in the documents I work with and how to easily remove them and enhance your writing”.

Time and place: Tuesday May 12, 14.00-15.00, in room H-317, Ellen & Axel Lunds hus

Coffee and tea is served. Welcome to the seminar!

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