Forum for forskning 1. juni: Making Conflict Constructive: Can Chinese Values Contribute?

Eventually, we all observe or are involved in conflicts. The way we understand and manage conflicts are vital elements of how we perceive our work environments. “Forum for forskning” has invited Professor Dean Tjosvold and Associate Professor Nancy Chen from Lingnan University, Hong Kong, to host a seminar on this relevant topic.

Although widely assumed to be disruptive, conflict, when managed appropriately, has been found to make teamwork within and between organizations effective. However, organizational members often have competitive relationships and orientations to dealing with conflict that lead to conflict avoidance and escalation, approaches that sabotage decision-making and relational bonds. Conflict researchers have contributed to the bad reputation of conflict by confounding conflict and competition and suggesting that the kind of conflict, rather than its management, determines its outcomes.

Studies in the West and East indicate that by developing cooperative relationships and the skills to discuss diverse views open-mindedly, organizations can empower managers and employees to use conflict to probe problems, create innovative solutions, learn from their experience, and enliven their relationships. Recent studies demonstrate that Chinese values, when skillfully expressed, contribute to making conflict positive. During the seminar, Tjosvold and Chen will discuss a controversy and go through a living case example.

Tjosvold has published over 200 articles and 20 books in the area and is past president of the International Association of Conflict Management and is a member of the Academy of Management's Board of Governors. Chen has co-authored a book on conflict management in China and published research articles in international journals.

Time and place: Monday June 1, 13.00-15.00, in room H-316, Ellen & Axel Lunds hus

Coffee and tea is served. Welcome to the seminar!

More information about Forum for forskning is found here

Sist oppdatert av Marianne Gjerlaugsen (16.04.2015)

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Professor Dean Tjosvold
Professor Dean Tjosvold
Associate Professor Nancy Chen
Associate Professor Nancy Chen
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