Forum for forskning 7. januar: Survey nonresponse – understanding response intentions and behavior

Do you struggle to get high response rates in your studies? How high response rate do you need to be satisfied? What do you know about your non respondents? «Forum for forskning» starts 2015 with a guest speaker who has published on this topic.

Survey nonresponse is an issue in almost any survey-based study. However, survey nonresponse and ways to mitigate the impact of nonresponse in survey studies are still not fully understood. The current presentation discusses psychological frameworks for understanding survey response behavior as well as implications for survey research in organizational sciences. Associate Professor Christiane Spitzmüller, Department of Psychology, University of Houston, is invited to give us a review of nonresponse research and has promised to look into uncomfortable questions (and some answers) for management researchers. 

Time and place: Wednesday January 7th, 14:15-15:30, room H-316, Ellen & Axel Lunds hus

Coffee and tea is served. Welcome to the seminar!

The presentation from the seminar is available here

More information about Forum for forskning is found here 


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