Funding Available for Innovation and Commercialisation in 2014. Third and Final Call for Applications Currently Open to UiS Employees

We are looking for innovative ideas to tackle future challenges

Once again the University of Stavanger and Prekubator TTO are looking to stimulate innovation in the region, through Project Plogen, a regional project for developing new research based products and processes. The Board at the University of Stavanger has decided to earmark 1MNOK towards Project Plogen to support the generation of new innovative ideas.

The first round of Project Plogen is limited to UiS employees, but as further funding becomes available the subsequent rounds will be opened up to others as well. Be sure to check or for updates!

Funding Available - Submit an Application!

Department of Research and Innovation at the University of Stavanger and Prekubator TTO currently have 1MNOK available to support researchers with new ideas. Each application for funding is limited to 50.000 NOK. The project needs to be executed in 2014. The funds may be used to allow the researcher time to develop the idea and for cost recovery for the following:

1. Idea documentation and development
2. Initial novelty and patent search
3. Initial feasibility study
4. Initial Industry screening

We invite those interested to submit a short application to Prekubator TTO for assessment.

Template for the Application (DOFI Project Plogen 2014) should be filled up and submitted as “Project Plogen 2014” in the subject line to

Deadline for applications is 10 October, 2014

For more information please contact Anne Cathrin Østebø at or 936 99 095 or
Matyas Kolsofszki, RTTP, Project Plogen Manager at or 410 68 556




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