Are you planning to apply for FRIPRO in the category «Young research talent»?

The Research and Innovation department at UiS now offers an application program to support you in the process. The program will include seminars and workshops on the Norwegian Research council’s templates for project description and the specific assessment criteria for the category “young research talent”.

FRIPRO is Norway’s largest program for independent research, and allocated more than 600 mill. Kr. to 103 research projects in 2013. Because the main criterion for achieving a FRIPRO grant is scientific merit, there is also prestige associated with this grant. The category “young research talent” was introduced in 2013 to stimulate young eminent research talents. Although the competition is hard also in this category, the extra funding through “FELLESLØFTET” in 2013 greatly enhanced the approval rate for this category. It is not yet decided whether there will be a "FELLESLØFT" associated with the 2014 call, however the Norwegian research council signals that the young research talents will be prioritized also in 2014.

What makes a good application?

The program will focus on quality assurance and formal criteria, but also adress how to generate enthusiasm and curiosity towards your project. There will be an introduction seminar and two-three workshops where we work together through the main parts of the project description.

Through the program you may also get assistance with:

  • Budget
  • E-application
  • Formal criteria

Furthermore, you will get feedback and comments on your drafts from advisers in the research and innovation department.

Preliminary program

19th of March 11.00 - 13.30: Welcome and introduction

  • Welcome
  • Presentation of candidates
  • Introduction talk: “what makes a good application”
  • Lunch (Delivered from AR cantina)
  • Workshop: what, how, why (focus on aim, defining problem, hypothesis, research design)

26th of March 13:00 - 15:00: Workshop part 1

We will work on project description template part:

  • 1. Relevance relative to the call for proposals
  • 2.1. Background and status of knowledge

24th of April 1300 - 15:00: Workshop part 2

We will work on project description template part:

  • 2.2. Approaches, hypotheses and choice of method
  • 2.3. The project plan, project management, organisation and cooperation

(7nd of May: Workshop part 3)

  • On request: overall review of application

(Dates and content might be changed)

To apply, send your CV to Vibeke Hervik Bull in the Research and Innovation department within the 14th of March. (Include name, date of birth, date of dissertation, institute affiliation and possible academic supervisors).

Limited capacity!

Contact Vibeke Hervik Bull  for questions about the FRIPRO call or the application program.


Requirements and guidelines for applying FRIPRO «Young research talents»

  • Maximum 8 years since the defence of a doctoral thesis (not including formal leaves of absence).
  • Under 40 years old (not including formal leaves of absence).
  • Must have demonstrated independent research
  • Can only apply three times.
  • Can apply 3-7 mill kr. over maximum 4 years.
  • You may or may not have a permanent position.

Sist oppdatert av Vibeke Hervik Bull (17.03.2014)

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