2014 UiSDC board

In January 2014 has been elected a new board for UiSDC!

UiSDC is an academic and social association dedicated to the PhD students of UiS.
At the 2014 UiSDC annual meeting, Wed. 19 January 2014 in KE A 210, a new board has been constitued.
The board consists of President Charlotte Botter (TN, IPT), Vice-President Izaskun Muruzábal-Lecumberri (TN, Core), Treasurer Martin Vogt Juhler (HUM IGIS) and Board Member Hanne Egenæs Staurseth (HUM, lesesenter).

The representatives of the PhD committees at each faculty: Hilde Ness Sandvold (TN), Sidsel Undseth Bakke (HUM), and Dag Tomas Sagen Johannesen (SV).

In the picture (from the left) is Charlotte Botter, Hanne Egenæs Staurseth, Izaskun Muruzábal, Sidsel Undseth Bakke and Martin Vogt Juhler. At the top left corner Dag Tomas Sagen Johannesen and top right corner Hilde Ness Sandvold


Sist oppdatert av Hildegard Nortvedt (14.02.2014)

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