Bli bedre i vitenskapelig skriving! Workshop "Writing for Scholars"

Intended audience: Scholars who want to publish their work in academic books or journals. Participants must bring a copy of a paper (or book chapter) they would like to work on.

Workshop objective: To increase participants’ understanding of what scholarly writing is all about, how they can get more out of the writing process, and how they can most effectively reach their audience.

Course description: With a point of departure in a current writing project, the workshop will take students systematically through the most problematic areas of scholarly writing. The focus is on the document level – that is, audience, core argument and structure – rather than the sentence level. The workshop also covers giving and receiving feedback as well as how to develop good writing habits. On the third day, participants learn how to use oral presentation as a way to strengthen their writing, focus their core arguments, and get useful feedback. Previous course description

Requirements: Participants must bring a copy of a paper (or book chapter) they would like to work on. At the end of the first day, each participant will receive one paper from another participant to take home and review; participants are thus required to set aside the necessary time for such a review before the second course day. Participants must also prepare a 3-minute presentation on their paper for the final day.

Course will be held in Norwegian and/or English.

Neste planlagte kurs: Uke 13, 2014. for more information and if you would like to attend this workshop.


Sist oppdatert av Vibeke Hervik Bull (18.10.2013)

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