How to upload a new picture to your employee profile


  • Use a portrait photo with a bright and neutral background.
  • The picture file must be of .jpg format (i.e. not formats like pdf, word etc). The file must also be no larger than 500 kilobytes. If the picture is too big or the format is wrong, an error message will appear when you attempt to upload it.
  • The picture must be at least 200 pixels wide, ideally 300 pixels. Check this by right-clicking on the picture and select «Show picture info». Under «Dimensions» find pixel breadth and height.

Uploading, step by step:

  1. Go to the employee directory
  2. Search for your name and click on yourself
  3. Click on «Ansattlogin» (black button, at the bottom right of the screen). When a logon screen appears, log on using your FEIDE user name and password.
  4. You are now in editing mode for your profile.
  5. Click on «Change picture» and, in the pop-up box, choose «Choose file/Bla gjennom». Find and select your chosen picture and click «Lagre/Save».
  6. After a few seconds, an info box will tell you that «Bildet er lastet opp». Click «OK».
  7. Finally, click «Logg ut» - at the bottom right of the screen. You are no longer in editing mode and the new picture will appear on your employee profile.

The new picture will show on both Norwegian and English web sites.

Note: If you, for some reason, refuse to show a picture of yourself on the employee profile, click on «Edit personal details» when in editing mode. Remove tick from the «Vis bilde» box. You have to perform this operation on both Norwegian and English websites.

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