Photos in the employee directory

In October, photos will be attached to all personal profiles in the online employee directory at Also, employees will be able to upload pictures to their personal profiles, should they want a different photo from the one available in the database.

At present, many employees do not have picture attached to their profile at the employee directory. The university wants this to change.

Link to the employee directory

- Students, colleagues and external partners should easily be able to identify UiS staff. That’s why we would like to see a picture of everybody in the online employee directory», says rector Marit Boyesen.

Staff photos will be automatically attached to the directory. The images used have either been shot by a professional photographer or taken for the employee’s entrance card on his/her first day of work.

To ensure that everybody is comfortable with the image displayed on the website, new functionality allows staff to easily upload their preferred picture to the employee directory.

Instructions on how to upload and attach a photo to your digital employee cards will be made available on the employee page.

If someone, for some reason, refuses to have a picture of him- or herself on their profile, please report this to web editor Hildegard Nortvedt.
Automatic attachment of images to their employee profile will then be disabled.
The deadline for such feedback is 10 October.

Sist oppdatert av Hildegard Nortvedt (27.09.2013)

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