“Gender and innovation - what do we know?”, Open seminar October 26th

Stavanger Centre for Innovation Research is proud to invite to an open seminar about gender and innovation by Dr. Elisabet Ljunggren. Dr. Ljunggren is a Senior Researcher in the Nordland Research Institute within the group Entrepreneurship and Innovation.

When: Wednesday, October 26th, 12.15 - 14.00
Where: University campus, Arne Rettedals house, room V-101

Dr. Ljunggren is an author of several book chapters and articles in highly ranked International Journals on the topic on female entrepreneurship and involvement of women in innovation processes.

During the seminar Dr. Ljunggren will tell about the experience from the VRI project “Gender and innovation”, where the focus was on developing of knowledge about gender and innovation in relation to regional VRI projects. Some of the questions she will bring forward are:

  • How gender initially was introduced to VRI
  • How the innovation concept is gendered in relation to companies and industries,
  • How the concepts of innovation, gender and expertise influence the extent men and women participating in corporate innovation processes
  • How different theoretical understandings of what gender is can influence new knowledge

Sist oppdatert av Karoline Reilstad (24.02.2017)

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