CIAM meets with the Mayor

Centre for Industrial Asset Management (CIAM) met with the Mayor of Stavanger, Christine Sagen Helgø, focusing on a tri-party cooperation (Research and education – Industry – Municipality) to establish a knowledge cluster in the region for mutual benefits.

The emphasis of the meeting was mainly on strengthening the region through a dedicated development program involving four strategic industrial sectors across different municipalities in the region. These four are offshore oil & gas production, land-based manufacturing, offshore wind, and maritime sectors.

The Mayor responded with positive support, and indicated a close follow-up to develop a suitable action program to support the development strategy presented by CIAM. It has many values for the region, including competence development, education and research, technology and service development and industrial innovation.

According to Prof. Jayantha P. Liyanage, PhD, Professor & Chair of CIAM, the meeting was very successful.

"This is an extremely important milestone of the growth plan of CIAM both regionally and nationally. It will certainly lead to good cooperative environment between sectors in different municipalities. This is an exciting journey," says Liyanage.

Discussions are also in progress to bring nationally competent research and development partners to join CIAM, for instance, Sintef, Marintek, IFE and others. 

Sist oppdatert av Håkon Hapnes Strand (14.02.2012)

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