Foredrag med to verdensledende forskere innen ”Early childhood education”

Skoleklar-prosjektet ved SAF inviterer til foredrag med de to forskerne Andrew Mashburn og Jason Downer fra Curry School of Education, The University of Virginia, USA. Foredraget finner sted mandag 2. mai kl. 1300-1500 i Hulda Garborgs hus O-101.

Andrew Mashburn, Senior Scientist:
Measures of Preschool Quality and Children's School Readiness.

I will give a historical overview of the creation and expansion of preschool opportunities in the United States, describe results from a paper published in 2008 that tests associations between different measures of preschool quality and children's development of school readiness skills during preschool, and discuss the implications of these results for understanding how preschool settings impact children's development and for improving the impacts of attending preschool.

Jason Downer, Senior Research Scientist:
Preschoolers’ individual interactions within a classroom ecology: Links to development and implications for intervention

My presentation will draw from our work with the inCLASS observational instrument, describing the measure, noting some of our more recent findings on its link to key self-regulatory, language, and literacy skills, and touching on a few avenues we’re pursuing to use the inCLASS as a tool to support teachers.


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