Seminar: Innovation 2030 - An Exploration of the Future

Dear Colleagues at the UiS was invited to attend the Stavanger Centre for Innovation Research's seminar: "Innovation 2030 - An Explorations of the Future", on december 9th.

We were fortunate to have Dr Bettina von Stamm joining us from the London Business School and Dr Anna Triflova from Head of the Management and Marketing Department Nizhny Novgorod Architecture and Civil Engineering State University, Russia.

Title: Innovation 2030 - An Exploration of the Future

Date: December 9th
Place: Ellen & Axel Lunds hus, EAL H-102
Time: 9.30-11.00

In their presentation the speakers explored the innovation landscape 2030. Who will the players be? Where will they be and how will they connect? What new roles might emerge in the field of innovation? And what do we need to put in place today to facilitate a future of innovation that addresses economic, ecological and societal needs.

Speakers’ profile:
In 2008 Drs Bettina von Stamm and Anna Trifilova started a project on the Future of Innovation. The idea came out of fascination what the outcomes would be when asking leading thinkers from business, government, consulting, and academia to share their thoughts, hopes, wishes, dreams and fear for the future of innovation and its management.

In only two months over 350 experts from nearly 60 countries answered Bettina and Anna’s invitation and contributed their thinking on the future of innovation management; over 200 were published in the book of the same title (Gower, December 2009), all by now 400 contributions can be found on the accompanying website (

Dr von Stamm is hugely passionate about understanding and enabling innovation, particularly in large organisations. To follow this passion she has set up the Innovation Leadership Forum.  The multiple legs which she stands on are teaching, researching, running a networking group, workshops & seminars, facilitating & catalysing, writing, and public speaking.

Dr Triflova is particularly interested in managing for innovation in the global context. Her areas of research interest are international technology collaboration, global innovations, and Russian R&D organisations on the global innovation arena. Her areas of occupational focus are teaching, researching, editing, and writing. 

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