Seminar: "The entrepreneurial university: Closing the gap between science and commerce?"

Professor Lene Foss from Tromsø University Business School is holding a seminar about "The entrepreneurial university: Closing the gap between science and commerce?" on October 6th, 13 - 14pm at Ellen & Axel Lunds hus, EAL H-102.

Dear Colleagues

You are cordially invited to attend the Stavanger Centre for Innovation Research's seminar. We are fortunate to have Professor Lene Foss joining us from the University of Tromsø.

Date: October 6th
Place: Ellen & Axel Lunds hus, EAL H-102
Time: 13-14

Title: Abstract:

"The entrepreneurial university: Closing the gap between science and commerce?"


In line with universities’ third mission, academic entrepreneurship has developed as a research field within entrepreneurial research.This guest lecture addresses how “the entrepreneurial university” may be a tool for bridging the gap between science and commerce. The background is the Tromsø Business School’s international Master program in  Entrepreneurship and Business Creation ( the University of Tromsø, where the candidates learn how to start a business based on commercializing research ideas from the university.

The paper uses a discourse analytical approach on a sample research texts to explore the university – industry surface as a collaborative arena.  Three themes emerged from the literature for reflecting on collaboration: university – industry interactions, Technological transfer offices (TTO’s)as intermediate organizations and faculties motives and views on commercializing science. Implications for research and practice are drawn.

Lene Foss holds a Ph.D from Norwegian School of Economics and Business Administration in Bergen, Norway. She is Professor in Entrepreneurship and Innovation at Tromsø University Business School. She has published in Frontiers of Entrepreneurship Research, European Journal of Marketing , Systemic Practice and Action Research, Nordic Organization Studies, International Journal of Tourism Research. She has published chapters in international edited books and co- edited two Norwegian anthologies: Enterprise Development in Theory and Practice, Entrepreneurship, and Gender, Life Course and Place. Foss has been on the Editorial board of Academy of Management Journal and serves now on the board of International Journal of Gender and Entrepreneurship. Her current research interests are narratives and discursive approaches within the field of entrepreneurship and innovation.

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