Mentor programme for associate professors

This autumn the Personnel department at UiS arranges a mentor programme for associate professors who want to qualify as full professors. The goal of the programme is to help and inspire associate professors in their career development.

The programme is being arranged for the second time at UiS.
–The pilot programme which started in 2008 was successful. During the final evaluation lunch the participants particularly reported that they had established new networks and gained useful strategies. Many of the participants were preparing publications together with their mentors, says Linda K. Stromei, who works as a consultant for the mentor programme.

She developed the programme and will be assisted by Truls Engstrøm. Stromei and Engstrøm have conducted mentoring research and served for many years on the board of the International Mentoring Association.

Initial training
The programme lasts for one year and ten people will be accepted for it. Adepts from all disciplines can join. The adepts are paired with mentors who are professors with common research areas and interests. In the initial base the adepts and the mentors will get ten hours of training. They will also do Myers Brigg’s Personality Type Inventory (MBIT) personality test.
– The mentor and the adepts do the test together in order to get to know each other. People process information and act differently. For example, some likes to get questions sent to them in advance of a meeting and some prefer to brainstorm. When the mentors and adepts have done the personality test they will know each other better when they start the collaboration, says Stromei.

The goals for the programme
The mentor and adept sign an individual agreement on goals for the programme and how often they will meet. It is up to the pairs how they will communicate and how often they will have meetings. It’s recommended that they meet at least once a month. All information being exchanged between the adept and the mentor is confidential and the two parts sign a confidentiality agreement. The overall goals for the programme are:
• Help and inspire associate professors in their career development. UiS want to encourage them to become professors
• Contribute to more published scientific articles
• Organizational learning
• Increase understanding of different scientific fields and diversity in competence
• Contribute to gender balance among professors

Associate professors who are interested are encouraged to contact the Head of Department at their faculty. The Head of Department will then suggest candidates to Gunhild Bjaalid. Nominations must be received by 10th of June, 2010. Professors who are interested in being a mentor are also asked to contact Bjaalid.

Read more about the mentor programme in Norwegian.

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