Price change in SiS café

From 1st of January 2010 SiS café has to introduce a differentiation between regular and student price. To get student price, students have to show their student id along with their semester receipt every time they buy something.

According to law, all student café’s in Norway has to follow the rules of value added tax and competition rules when running a café.

This means that students are the only ones who can benefit from the fact that the café’s have free premises and equipment at campus. All student café’s has been directed by the Ministry of education and research to substantiate this in their yearly account.

Sales made to other than students will be affected by the value added tax law, just like other dining places in Norway. If you bring the food out of the café, you have to pay 14 % vat. However, if you eat in the café’s area, there is 25 % vat.

SiS café is sorry for any inconvenience that will appear with a noticeable raise in café prices for non- students.

If you have any questions, do not hesitate to contact
- department manager at SiS café Arve Kristiansen, mobile 934 22 422
- managing director, Ellinor Svela, mobile 901 41 141

Best regards from SiS café

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