Introductory programme for new employees - Thursday 27th

The Principal and HR Department invites all new employees to gathering Thursday 27, September.

KA AUD-051 Kjell Arholms Hus (map)


08:50 - 12:30 (13:30 for new employees who will attend NyTi)


  • Welcome by Principal Marit Boyesen
  • University Library by Anne Beth Våga
  • Occupational Health Service by Mari Brueland
  • UiS IT Service by Arve Mellemstrand
  • Research- and Innovation Department (FIA) by Robert Eroll Radu
  • EMCU (Euraxess Mobility Centre-UiS) by Kjetil Kiil Halvorsen og Kathrine Molde
  • «How will Norwegian culture surprise you» by Randi Mannsaaker, Stavanger Chamber International


NyTi Guidance Program for teaching acitivities by Vegard Moen (New employees who will be teaching classes are obliged to attend the University’s Guidance and Integrations program for new employees, NyTi.)

No registration for participation.



Sist oppdatert av Kathrine Molde (25.09.2018)

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