Seminar on Learner-Generated Digital Media

On 25. September, the Faculty of Health Sciences will arrange a seminar on Learner-Generated Digital Media with Jorge Reyna Zeballos from the University of Technology, Sydney. The seminar is open to all academic staff at UiS.

The current focus on digitalization and e-learning in classrooms creates a challenge for teachers to understand how to engage students in a pedagogically sensible manner. It also creates the additional challenge of evaluating student-generated digital media.

During the seminar, Jorge will cover the theoretical constructs of Learner-Generated Digital Media, as well as its implementation process and evaluation data. 

The programme for the seminar will be as follows:

25th September 2018: Seminar on Learner-Generated Digital Media

Room: KA- 129, Kjell Arhom building

09:00 – 09:05:  Welcome with Vice Dean of education Bjørg Oftedal

09:05 – 10:00:  Learner-Generated Digital Media: Theoretical constructs with Jorge Reyna Zeballos

10:00 – 10:15:  Coffee break

10:15 – 11:15:  Learner-Generated Digital Media: The implementation process and evaluation data with Jorge Reyna Zeballos 

11.15 – 11:55:   Discussion

11.55 – 12:00: Summing up


The seminar is open to all academic staff at UiS.


Jorge Reyna Zeballos is a scholar of digital media for learning, with ten years of experience in university settings and fifteen years in the digital media industry. He has a strong focus on learning design, which considers pedagogies, visual design, usability, accessibility, multimedia learning principles, presentation quality, and the appropriate use of technology. He has published several articles on the topic of digital media for learning.
Read more about his work here.

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Jorge Reyna Zeballos
Jorge Reyna Zeballos is a lecturer at the faculty of science at the University of Technology, Sydney.
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