Introductory course in Canvas (in English)

On the 27th of August we will hold an English speaking Introductory course in Canvas. Read more and register.

Introductory course in Canvas

Canvas has now replaced Itslearning as a learning platform at UiS. We have tailored a course to get you started as easy as possible in building your subjects. The course addresses the structure and the most used features of Canvas.

We hold a course in English on the 27th August.

The course will be held in room S-104 in Kitty Kiellands House.

If you wish to participate you must register by sending an e-mail to UiS-IKT Kurs & Kompetanse - click here for registration


All internal courses are free for employees at UiS. NB: If you cancel later than two days before the start of the course, you will be charged 650 kroner.

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