UiS has entered into a framework agreement with Eurocard regarding credit cards for travel bookings

Employees at UiS must from September 1st 2018 use a company credit card as payment method for all official travels. This applies to flight, hotel and rental car bookings made through the travel booking portal Egencia, and all other travel expenses. To facilitate this, the university has entered into an agreement with Eurocard. The agreement is for the card type Eurocard Corporate Gold.

The holder of the card will be the employee, but UiS will be required to comply with the payment and account terms. In connection with the application for the card, the cardholder will not be credit rated. This is because the UiS will be responsible for the usage. Using a credit card will simplify the settlement of travel expenses for the employee. When it comes to check out at hotels on official travels, the employees will not have to use their personal credit card.

An invoice will be sent to the card holder, who will then follow the standard travel expenses procedure to settle the bill. The invoice will be sent to the employee’s address at the National Registration Office.

The credit card is issued on the condition that the card will be used only in connection with travels on behalf of UiS.

The default credit limit is NOK 50,000. In cases where the employees travel frequently, the credit limit can be set higher.

When a booking is paid for by credit card, travel insurance and cancellation insurance is included. When the booking is charged to the credit card, the insurance and any insurance terms will apply.

With Eurocard’s “Book Now – Pay Later” policy, employees may book their flight tickets early on to get a good price, and not be invoiced until the trip has been made. Such delayed invoicing can be made for up to 6 months. Eurocard will then add a fee that the employee can include in their travel expenses.

NB! Employees (i.e. appointed travel bookers at UiS), booking travels on behalf of other employees, students or external visitors will not have the booking charged to their credit card. In these events, the booking is charged to the credit card belonging to the travelling employee, provided this employee has registered his/her credit card details in their booking profile. For visitors/students, an invoice will be sent to UiS.

Please find the separate news bulletin regarding framework agreement with Egencia and the update of the travel booking profile.

Link to the travel booking portal via Egencia

The account terms www.euroard.no/bedrift/

You can apply for the credit card via the link at the bottom. Please follow this procedure:

  1. Click on the link and complete the application (additional help is provided for each field)

  2. Choose “Send to employer for approval”. The application is then automatically forwarded for internal approval at UiS.

  3. After UiS internal approval the application is sent to Eurocard for their approval. You will receive an SMS where you choose a PIN. This SMS is sent after the application has been approved.

If you have any questions for Eurocard, you can contact them at 21 01 50 20 (between 8 am and 4 pm) or via e-mail at salgsupport@eurocard.no

Link to the application form: https://secure.eurocard.no/oa/invitation/31024/79edf9/universitetet-i-stavanger/eurocard-corporate-gold


If any questions please contact The procurement unit at UiS

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