ECIU: The 3rd International Conference of Engineering Education (CISPEE 2018) at the Universidade de Aveiro, 27-29 June 2018

The Science and Engineering Education Group from the Universidade de Aveiro is organizing CISPEE 2018, in a joint effort with the Portuguese Society for Engineering Education (SPEE). The mote of the conference is “Changing Higher Education One Teacher at a Time”.

The conference topics include, among others:
- Teaching and learning processes, together with the right profile for teachers of Higher Education Institutions (HEI);
- Leadership and Governance at HEI’s;
- Methodologies for teaching/learning and competencies in higher education;
- Monitoring and quality evaluation in higher education;
- Curricula definition of the engineering courses of the future;
- Teaching and Learning processes and their relation to Society.

CISPEE 2018 will provide an innovative flavour and character, providing – together with the conventional sessions of presentations and discussions – a Forum for debate and discussion, exchange of ideas and future ideation in engineering education, giving voice to all the relevant stakeholders.

Please also consider the possibility of submitting your works for presentation and inclusion in the proceedings, and it will also be appreciated if you could disseminate this invitation to your contacts. The papers will be disseminated by means of the IEEE Conference Publications service, being available at the IEEE Xplore Digital Library. Additional information can be found in the conference website (CISPEE 2018).

For more information and registration please visit here.

Bárbara Coelho Gabriel (University of Aveiro)

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