ECIU updates 04.01.2018

Just before the Christmas break kicked off, ECIU published a reaction to the EU Commission’s proposal for a European Education Area. The European Commission wants to realise learning, studying and doing research not hampered by borders. ECIU welcomes the creation of a European Education Area, it suits the agenda of ECIU very well. ECIU is ready to think along with the EU about how to realise this Area.

ECIU is glad that this is high on Europe’s agenda and looks forward to collaborate together with the EU to realise these ambitions in a fast changing context. 

ECIU has been working with programmes that perfectly fit the plans of the EU for over 20 years. In its twin programmes and joint degrees, ECIU offers pre-established study programmes that are fully recognised by ECIU universities. Engaging with wider society, e.g. by involving stakeholders in curriculum (re)design and in contributing to problem-based learning, whilst ensuring a high quality, is a core business of the ECIU Universities.

Mobility for all, realising a true internal market for education, is another priority of the proposal by the European Commission. At ECIU Universities, mobility is for all students and staff. ECIU wishes to nurture and sustain international minded students and staff and therefore offers exchange products.

The ECIU mobility programme for support staff is a tailor-made programme to individual staff member’s development needs. The student exchange programmes of the ECIU guarantee excellent learning experiences at well-known and like-minded partner institutions. In the ECIU Minor Programmes, students naturally follow a curriculum that is being offered by several member universities, pre-established and fully recognised by ECIU Universities.

Offering these Minor programmes, ECIU can very well be seen as Europe’s first University Network. ECIU is ready to share its experiences and think along with the EU about initiating the Sorbonne process and an EU Student Card, enhancing mobility experiences.

Sist oppdatert av Shizuka Kamata Sydnes (05.01.2018)

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