ECIU updates 12.12.2017

The ECIU Team Award is presented annually to recognize ​teaching and learning innovations of teams from the ECIU member institutions. This year the University of Twente (UT)'s module ‘Smart ways to make smart cities smarter’ was awarded with the ECIU Team Award for Innovation in Teaching and Learning.

The UT's module ‘Smart ways to make smart cities smarter’ is selected as the winner out of seven candidates. The jury especially appreciates the high level of interdisciplinary approach of the module and its connection to external stakeholders.

Smart Ways to get Smart Cities Smarter is a High Tech, Human Touch minor module led by Léon Olde Scholtenhuis from the faculty of Engineering Technology and is offered to third-year bachelor students of the UT. It introduces students to the field of civil engineering and management and society’s transition towards smart cities. The module addresses the challenges of maintaining urban space and infrastructure, and also provides hands-on experience during an industry-based design project. It is open to all technical students and students EPA and IBA. The module has been developed the faculties Engineering Technology, Electronical Engineering, Computer Science and Mathematics and the ITC Faculty of Geo-information science and earth observation.

The module team is particularly pleased with the interdisciplinary character of the module. Necessary for teachers, but also fascinating for participating students. It shows that Smart Cities is a typical subject that can not be tackled (and taught) in one faculty. The chosen approach via interfaculty collaboration has therefore contributed to the success.

For more information regarding the module 'Smart ways to make smart cities smarter', please find here.

For information about the ECIU Team Award, plaese find here.


Sist oppdatert av Shizuka Kamata Sydnes (12.12.2017)

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