International workshop on PhD-supervision

European University Assosiation – Council for Doctoral Education (EUA – CDE) invites member institutions to the first EUA- CDE workshop “Enhancing of Supervision: Professional Development and Assessment of Supervisors”.

The workshop aims at introducing practical examples of models of professional development of supervisors leading to higher effectiveness and quality of supervision. It also focuses on supervisory structures in different contexts as well as means of assessment. It will function as a forum for discussion and exchange of ideas and good practice examples between different institutions. The topics for discussions:
  • Professional development (training) of supervisors
  • Criteria and requirements for being a supervisor
  • Supervision assessment
  • Supervision and disciplinary differences
The workshop is mainly, but not exclusively, targeted at Heads of Doctoral/Graduate/Research Schools or programmes, supervisors and human resource professionals in universities.

EUA-CDE was established in 2008, and UiS joined the council the same year. CDE creates a strong voice for European universities on doctoral education both inside Europe and internationally and contributes to enhancing the visibility of doctoral/graduate/research schools and programmes.

The council builds on the outcomes of EUA’s policy and project work on doctoral education and research careers. It seeks to respond to the growing demand from members for a more structured supporting framework and additional opportunities to promote cooperation and exchange of good practice on issues of common concern related to the organisation and quality of doctoral education in universities across Europe.

More information is available at CDE workshop website. If you wish to participate in the workshop, please contact Gry Sørås at the Division of Academic Affaire.

Sist oppdatert av Gry Sørås (05.11.2008)

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