Congratulations on successful Erasmus+ Strategic Partnership project – DIGISIM!

UiS has received a grant for Erasmus+ Strategic Partnership project. Fourteen Norwegian applications have been delivered and five of them received European grants. The successful project group consists of the representatives from the Faculty of Health Sciences: Kristin Hjorthaug Urstad (project coordinator), Bjørg Frøysland Oftedal, Venche Hvidsten, Torunn Strømme and Nettop: Atle Løkken and Mari Linn Larsen.

The project’s name DIGISIM stands for Development and Implementation of a digital Skills Simulation App for European Nursing Education. DIGISIM received funding of approx. 312 000 EUR for further cooperation with the University of Nottingham and Universidad Catolica de Valencia.

UiS has totally sent five applications and all of them were evaluated as good. Unfortunately, the competition was tough and only one of the projects was qualified for grant. The Norwegian Government has high expectations for Norwegian participation in the Erasmus+ programme.

The object of DIGISIM is to supply European student nurses with an innovative digital pedagogical tool to enhance their clinical nursing skills. The digital practical skills simulation app in this project will enable students to increase their clinical skills competence by offering a more active and flexible student-focused learning approach. By using digital technology, students will be able to train both independently as well as in collaboration with peer-students, providing an active and flexible student-focused learning approach. Tailored feedback based on individual needs and competence levels provided by the simulation tool will provide a student-centered approach.

For more information about Erasmus+ Strategic Partnership contact International Office/Magdalena Brekke or check this link. 

Sist oppdatert av Magdalena Brekke (06.10.2017)

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