South Africa - Norway Science Week 2017: Registration now open!

You are cordially invited to join Team Norway and South Africa’s Department of Science and Technology for an exciting week in Pretoria and Cape Town on 4-8 December.

South Africa - Norway Science Week 2017 will follow up on last year’s successful precursor, Value Creation in Ocean Space; New Opportunities in the Blue Economy, and focus this year will be on Green Maritime.

The objective is to explore opportunities for further cooperation between our two countries related to higher education, research, innovation and new business development. More information and on-line registration are available on

Science Forum South Africa is dedicated to igniting conversations about science that will promote open scientific research and innovation. Open science is the movement to make scientific research accessible to all levels of society. More information and on-line registration are available on            

Please note that you will have to register twice if you want to spend the entire week with us. Also, please feel free to extend this invitation to anybody else who may be interested.

Sist oppdatert av Karoline Reilstad (29.09.2017)

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