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Kaunas University of Technology would like to invite you to register in the expert database of Research Council of Lithuania. Especially welcome are experts from technological and related fields of science.

Research Council of Lithuania is an expert institution tackling challenges of science development on a national level. The Council is a counsellor of the Lithuanian Parliament and the Government on research and researchers training issues, implements programme based competitive funding of research, administers most important Lithuanian science development programmes, evaluates research performance and represents Lithuanian science in various European institutions and other international organisations. 

What do expert assignments involve?

The Council experts shall prepare evaluations of R&D project submissions and project reports.  Experts may be asked to provide proposals or comments on the draft legislation or any other science policy and strategy documents submitted for the Council's approval.

How to become an expert?
First of all, you should register in the expert database. To create your expert profile, you need to fill in the following sections: personal and contact details, the area(s) and field(s) of competence, CV in a free form and a list of the most important publications (or works of art) within the past five years. Also you need to submit an application to be accepted as a candidate to the Council pool of experts. If you have completed your expert profile on the expert database and it is valid (approved by the Council), you become a potential expert who can be invited to participate in the proposal evaluation or a project review session requiring your particular expertise. You can see your status on your expert profile.

How will you be notified?
Once you are selected, you will be contacted directly (by phone or e-mail) and informed about the nature of the task, the deadlines of its completion, and the approach.

Experts shall be paid for the completed tasks.

Please find more information about the expert database.

If you have any questions, please contact: Dr. Marina Valentukevičienė, Research Foundation of the Research Council of Lithuania, Science Policy and Assesment Unit

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