The 2017 Management and Information Award to Professor Jayantha P. Liyanage

The Society of Petroleum Engineers (SPE) has selected Prof. Jayantha P. Liyanage as the recipient of the 2017 Management and Information Award in the North Sea Region.

The announcement was made by Karl Ludvig Heskestad, The SPE Regional Director North Sea. According to Mr. Heskestad this award is an acknowledgement of Prof. Liyanage’s outstanding contribution in this area at the regional level.

Professor Liyanage is chairman of the CIAM (Cluster for Industrial Asset Management) at UiS.

About SPE awards

SPE awards in general recognize members for their technical contributions, professional excellence, career achievement, service to colleagues, industry leadership, and public service.

Society of Petroleum Engineers (SPE) is the largest individual-member organization of its kind in the world dedicated to the upstream segment of the oil and gas industry. It was founded in 1957, and currently has more than 164 000 members from 143 countries. The vision of SPE is to enable the global E&P industry to meet global energy demands through professional sharing of technical knowledge and competencies.

SPE’s Regional Award is designed to recognize those members who have contributed exceptional service and leadership to the society, as well as those who have made major professional contributions to their technical disciplines at the regional level.

Sist oppdatert av Karoline Reilstad (09.05.2017)

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