Apply now for the ECIU Team Award

The ​ECIU Team award for Innovation in Teaching and Learning is newly established. The award aims to promote, celebrate and showcase innovations in teaching and learning activities that involve groups and/or interdisciplinary teams, in keeping with ECIU’s mission of “Challenging Conventional Thinking” for tomorrow’s world.

More specifically, the award is designed to:
Recognise ​teaching and learning innovations of groups and/or interdisciplinary teams amongst ECIU member institutions; Recognise and acknowledge those ​groups and/or ​interdisciplinary teams within and across ECIU member institutions who undertake innovations in teaching and learning; Utilise the ​ECIU as a key hub and driver for the promotion of sustainable teaching and learning innovations in Europe. 

The Award is open to all staff in member institutions but only one application per institution can be submitted each year.       

The award has a value of €2,500 that will be paid to the lead institution for distribution amongst applicants. The award will be formally presented to a repsentative of the award winner team during the ECIU Board meeting in November.

Information about the application process and selection criteria is available through the ECIU website.

Submission Deadline: 1 May

For more information, please contact Prorector, Dag Husebø

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