Are you planning to apply for Health-programs or FRIPRO?

The Research and Innovation Department at Uis will hold events throughout the spring to support you in the application process. Peter Dukes from the British Medical Research Council will have a two day application seminar including a mock-review of some of the UiS proposals 2.-3. March.

In addition, you will get the opportunity to get an individual feedback on your application and Research proposal few weeks before the application deadline. 

Grand Proposal Course by Dr. Peter Dukes 2nd-3rd of March

This course is designed to help scientist to write better research proposals by developing their understanding of peer review and what funding organizations expect from a good proposal. Core to the course, is a 'Mock' peer review panel, in which participants will play the role of reviewers. They will evaluate real proposal and 'decide' which to recommend for funding. Peter Dukes from the British medical research council has many years experience in grant proposal writing, peer review and managing research funding boards. You will also have your draft reviewed! Detailed program.

Link to registration form.

Individual feedback session

Whom should you put as a project leader? What should your write in the 'relevance to call' session? Which attachement are necessary and which are redudant? How many international partners are adequate? The Research and Innovation department will have a question and answer (Q&A) and frequently asked question (FAQ) session to help you in the process. You can also book a consultant session to get feedback and discuss your proposal. Detailed program.


This spring the Research Council of Norway will announce close to 450 million NOK through four health-programs. 

In the research program BEDREHELSE the primary objectives is to contribute to improve public health and enhance quality of life and reduce the social inequalities in health by promoting research and research-based innovation of high quality and with benefit to society.

The research program BEHANDLING will promote clinical research acitivities that will help to ensure that patients receive accurate and reliable diagnostics, treatment and rehablititation throughout their disease trajectory.

The research program HELSEVEL focus on health and care services, social and welfare services, and child welfare. The key components of the program are service research and service innovation.

KVINNEHELSE focus on old women´s and minority women´s health in addition to young women´s mental health. Important objectives in the program are prevention, diagnostics, treatment and mastery strategies related to illnesses that lead to long-term sickness absence and disability among women.


FRIPRO is Norway's largest program for independent research, and allocated close to 1 billion NOK to 120 research projects in 2016. Because the main citeria for achieving a FRIPRO grant is scientific merit, it is also prestige associated with this grant. The category 'young research talent' was introduced in 2013 to stimulate young eminent research talents. The competition is hard also in this category, but UiS' own program TOPPFORSK, enhance the chances to succeed in this category.


Marianne Lorentzen at the Research and Innovation department for more information. We can assist you throughout the application process with budget, e-application, formal criteria and readthrough of your research proposal.

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