ECIU updates 31.01.2017

“Technorama 2017” will be held on 27 April 2017 at our ECIU partner university, Kaunas University of Technology! "Technorama" is the exhibition of young scientists and students which exists since 2002. The event is dedicated to discover new talents, promote public interest in technologies and attract more investors from the business sector, which will help scientists develop their products.

Kaunas University of Technology invites inventors at UiS to participate in one of the most innovative events in Lithuania, "Technorama 2017".

Every year the event attracts over 60 scientists with their inventions from different universities. The exhibition receives over 2000 visitors who are interested in technologies. The event is free.

The “Technorama 2017” prize fund reachs 5000 euros!  

Registration form is available here.

Last event moments can be seen here (Facebook)

Sist oppdatert av Shizuka Kamata Sydnes (31.01.2017)

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